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Vintage High School Athletics


Athletic Clearance Process

All Athletes must be fully cleared by the athletic department before being allowed to participate in any summer or school year athletic practice or competition.

  • Go to and set up a student account

  • Select:

    • 1) 2019-2020 school year

    • 2) the school

    • 3) A sport - (Step 5 YOU WILL PICK ADDITIONAL SPORTS

  • Complete:

    • Step #1 - Student Info Section 

    • Step #2 - Medical History - Upload a copy of your current physical dated after 5/1/19 with a Doctor or MD’s signature that specifies that you are allowed “unlimited participation” in high school sports.*

    • Step #3 - Parent/Guardian Info 

    • Step #4 - Signatures.

    • Step #5 - After signatures, click "BACK TO CLEARANCE". Then click VIEW under confirmation to add any additional sports. 

  • Once cleared by the athletic department, you and your coach will be notified and you will be allowed to participate in the athletic programs.

*(One of the biggest hold-ups in the clearance process is when the physical is not uploaded).