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Common Core at VHS

The Common Core State Standards is a National Initiative that transforms the academic expectations for students.

Smarter Balanced Practice Test - Click Here  

The Standards

English-Language Arts

Literacy in History, Science and Technical Subjects


Below are some links that will help you support your students in the transition to these new expectations, and to ensure that the students meet and exceed those expectations.

What Parents can do to Help - English

What Parents can do to Help - Spanish

Academic Changes at Vintage High School


Common Core State Standards

Smarter Balanced Assessment

What is it?

Newly adopted academic standards. 
  • English-Language Arts Content Standards
  • Mathematics Content Standards
  • Literacy Standards for Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
New Assessment that will replace the STAR (CST) tests that students have taken each April in their core content classes.
  • Computer Based Test
  • Increased Reading and Writing
  • Currently Grade 11 ELA, Grade 11 Mathematics, Performance Assessment
  • Practice Test is available (Click Here for Practice Test)
When Does it Start? The Standards have been adopted and are currently being implemented. Spring of 2015 was the first administration of the assessment.
Which Grades are Affected? The standards cover grades 9-12 At this point, the assessments will be given to 11th Graders in ELA, Literacy Performance Assessment and Mathematics.
How is it Different from What we Have Currently? ELA – This is a revision of the state standards.  The emphasis is still on mastering the skills associated with reading, writing, speaking and listening.   Math – Also a revision of the state standards.  There is an increased focus to have students understand the mathematical principals so that they can apply them to a variety of situations.   Literacy – These standards, at this point, provide some guidance for the skills that need to be mastered in Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.  While teachers have choice on how much time to spend on particular topics, the skills associated with studying and analyzing those topics are what will be assessed. Looking at the practice test shows a major shift in the assessment structure for our students.  (Click Here for Practice Test)   The goal is to administer these tests on computers, which is in itself a major shift from the paper and pencil bubble tests that these student have grown up with.   There is quite a bit more written response that is expected of students.   There is a need to justify answers, or create equations for specific situations.  The tests require close reading and analytical thinking regarding the material that is being presented to them.   At this point, the tests will be given to 11th graders in Mathematics, English-Language Arts, and Literacy Performance Assessment.
What are the benefits to the Students’ educational experience? There is a shift in focus to depth of understanding over breadth of knowledge.  The old adage of doing things “a mile wide and an inch deep” is a thing of the past.    The Common Core helps shift the focus to a skills based curriculum. The results of the assessment will be available much sooner than with the STAR (CST) Tests.    There will also be benchmark tests that happen throughout the year that will let the students and teachers know how students are doing and where they need to improve their performance.