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Principal's Message

Crusher Community,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!  I am excited to embark on this school year, even given the challenges brought by our current circumstances.  The spring of 2020 required operating in an unprecedented and unforeseen reality.  Our advantage in the 2020-2021 school year is that while we cannot foresee every challenge coming our way, we are aware of our circumstances and are able to plan and adjust accordingly.  I am already impressed with our system’s and site’s ability to prepare, problem-solve and remain flexible as we enter into the work of teaching and learning, growing, and supporting students.

At times last spring I felt like I was aboard one of those cruise ships who had been sailing in the beautiful open ocean and was suddenly quarantined (hundreds of passengers and all) just off the coast of its next port of call.  There was so much that was out of our control, in conditions that none of us had “signed up for,” and required to do work that we were largely unprepared for as a system.  This year is different.  The theme I am using to approach our collective work this year is navigating a sea adventure, perhaps in the “not so inviting,” frigid, Arctic sea.  I realize that planning or charting this year’s course will require more navigational skill than the cruising we have done in years past.  I anticipate challenging days on the high seas.  I am certain we will hit some big waves and storms along the way, but I am confident in the crew aboard our ship, including counselors, teachers, support staff, and the administrative team.  I am inspired by what has always anchored us in Crusher Nation--the collective commitment to the rigorous work of teaching and learning, and the focus on humanity at the root of the educational experience that supports and develops the students of our community.

Thank you as parents, family, and community members for all that you have been and continue to do in supporting our Crushers as they learn and grow in these challenging times.  Thank you for staying connected through the communication lines we have open including our website and social media.  Thank you for your ideas, your feedback and your support.

All Aboard for the Crusher Voyage of 2020-2021!


Sarah J. O’Connor, Ed.D.


Vintage High School